You've got profiles all over the internet. FindMeOn® lets you connect them.

FindMeOn® is an online profile management service that connects your identities across social networks, blogs & more!

Instead of collapsing all of your network identities onto one site, FindMeOn® helps you manage your circles of friends, family, colleagues and others… respecting the divisions of your real life online.

secure. privacy minded. open.

Our technology is based on open source and open standards. We link your identities with cryptographic keys that you control, allowing you to claim and verify accounts as you wish.

Get Found? Stay Lost? You Decide.

Our cloud servers power an online directory and widgets that help you securely connect each identity to one another and manage which accounts can know about each other.

For example: We use a shared Cryptographic key to verify your Facebook and Twitter accounts are linked together behind the scenes, but don't publish that information. You can decide if (or when) the two accounts publicly claim or verify each other. When you make a relationship public, we publish the plaintext relationship for humans to read, and cryptographically signed version each member of your relationship - allowing anyone to verify it.

About FindMeOn® launched in August 2006 as the first online identity management system focused on user privacy and information syndication.

Our groundbreaking products ensure personal privacy, information portability, and identity security across internet profiles and web applications.

FindMeOn® is a pioneer in online profile syndication, portable social networks, and open networking - offering tools and protocols to power these services long before they were buzzwords. FindMeOn® launched as the only identity platform dedicated to online security and personal privacy. Our USPTO patent filings on optimized cross-network Social Graph management techniques have been cited as prior-art in over 250 applications by technology giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Zynga and IBM.

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Enterprise FindMeOn's widgets are configured, downloaded, and installed onto social profiles by end-users on an ad-hoc basis. We offer commercial support for data-syncing. Email to natively support our software on your systems.

Open Source visit to download and install FindMeOn's open source tools and specifications.