If The Internet is a series of tubes, FindMeOn lets you be the plumber.

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FindMeOn is an online profile management service that connects your identities across social networks, blogs & more!

Instead of collapsing all of your network identities onto one site, FindMeOn helps you manage your circles of friends, family, colleagues and others… respecting the divisions of your real life online.

secure. privacy minded. open. need we say more?

Get Found, Stay Lost. You Decide.

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We've disabled open signups while our systems upgrade and have implemented an invitation queue system as we scale to meet an increase in demand.

All of our public-facing pages, APIs, and widgets will remain fully functional during our transition.

We'll be posting continual updates on our blog.

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About FindMeOn

FindMeOn.com launched in August 2006 as the first online identity management system focused on user privacy and information syndication.

Our groundbreaking products ensure personal privacy, information portability, and identity security across internet profiles and web applications.

FindMeOn.com is the pioneer in online profile syndication, portable social networks, and open networking - offering tools and protocols to power these services long before they were buzzwords. FindMeOn launched as, and still remains, the only identity platform dedicated to online security and personal privacy.

2008-01-10 - Intellectual Property Announcement

FindMeOn has released an Intellectual Property announcement in response to recent activity in Social Network Portability, read the announcement here.

Identity Research

FindMeOn.com has recently released select research and reporting on Social Networks and Online Identities.

You can learn more at the Identity Research Repository: http://findmeon.com/IdentityResearch